Saddam, Uday, Qusay … and the Hamburglar?

I can’t help but wonder, when it comes to national security, does our biggest threat reside in a desert in Afghanistan or on every street corner in America? Who kills more people, terrorists or the Junk Food Jihad? We tore down the statue of Saddam Hussein; should Ronald McDonald be next?

– From the Pages of Working Out Sucks!

Remember when the Defense Department came out with those terrorist playing cards in 2003? Since then, a few spaces have opened up in that deck, so I’ve been thinking we should add one for the Hamburglar.

Why? Because of this fact:  Today in the United States, as about 180,000 workouts will occur at nearly 1,700 Anytime Fitness clubs… McDonald’s will sell over 4.2 million hamburgers. The average American eats 3 hamburgers per week, yet less than 10 percent of Americans exercise more than 3 times per week.

Here’s a more visual representation. The map on the left (below) shows the number of McDonald’s locations around the country. The map on the right (below) shows the number of open Anytime Fitness clubs. As you can see, we are grossly outnumbered (for now).

It’s easy to blame fast food companies. But let’s face it, no one’s forcing anyone to eat there. And let’s give McDonald’s some credit for at least introducing healthier food options, reducing trans fat and adding apples to Happy Meals. But that doesn’t make me stop wondering:  Who’s the biggest threat to our country? What do you think?